ONEGRID is an intelligent IoT system that reduces the energy bill in up to 40%.

Our system gives you full visibility of the usage of all the electrical equipment of your company through a unique easy to use control panel. The operator can define how each and every piece of equipment or lamp in an environment will work utilizing criteria such as humidity, presence, temperature, and luminosity.

Sensors placed in each environment capture data that is utilized to automatically turn equipment and luminaries on, off, or adjust temperatures according to company policies.


The system can read the following information from the managed environments:

  • Luminosity
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Presence
  • Door and window opening/closing
  • Energy consumption
  • Status of the equipment


Each room, ambient or environment is individually controlled, using EDGE Computing, i.e., with local processing.  The system works, for up to 7 days, even if there is a temporary interruption of the internet service.

  • Reception of data sent by sensors
  • Rules for each environment
  • Processing for automated decision making
  • Information processing – Cloud, Edge or Local
  • Commands for actuators


Our system not only monitor usage, but it actually can manage and turn equipment on or off remotely.

  • Equipment management process keeps original manufacturer’s integrity.
  • Each piece of equipment is operated independently.
  • The operator sets up usage rules for each environment and our system guarantees that those rules are automatically executed, without human intervention.