How it works


The ONEGRID Portal is a cloud-based application that runs on web and mobile. It performs the following functions:

  • Names and gives a location to each and every piece of equipment
  • Associates the equipment with ONEGRID hardware system
  • Creates operating schedule for the equipment
  • Keeps record of all environment variables and equipment operation
  • Displays all information with a simple and easy to use interface


The ONEGRID Gateway works as a bridge between portal and hardware and it is comprised of an USB antenna programmed with proprietary code. The gateway performs the following functions:

  • Communicates with ONEGRID Hardware and Ethernet with the ONEGRID Portal using 6LowPAN/802.15.4.
  • Communicates usage rules between ONEGRID Hardware and each piece of equipment
  • Communicates environment and equipment status to ONEGRID Portal
  • Acts as integration point with third party hardware, software, and dashboards.


The ONEGRID Hardware component is built with code burnt in. Its function is to read and manage every component of the system. This box is located in every environment, room or ambient to be controlled and performs the following functions.

  • Capture data on consumption and status (on/off) of the equipment being controlled
  • Capture data from the environment – temperature, humidity, luminosity, presence, door and window openings or closings.
  • Receive and process equipment operation rules.
  • Automatically activate, deactivate and manage circuits and equipment.
  • Deliver data to the ONEGRID Gateway



Definition: Each item may be managed individually regardless of the distribution of electric circuits.

Benefit: Highly individual control increases flexibility and potential for efficient usage of electric energy.

Technology: Our hybrid platform comprised of hardware and software components is specifically designed to add flexible management of resources.


Definition: Allows for operation rules to continue active and to take effect even when there is communication failure with the gateway or a lapse of internet communications.

Benefit: Edge computing decreases dependency in the communication links and internet connection, guaranteeing uninterrupted execution of the workflow.

Technology: To achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability, our system takes advantage of edge computing.


Definition: Allows for integration with diverse manufacturers at any level i.e. sensors, processors, switches.

Benefit: Multilevel integration enables the system’s ability to extend and add functions within an IoT ecosystem.

Technology: The concept behind our system is based on studies in Context Sensitive Applications.


Definition: Allows for monitoring and control of environments independently of their geographical location.

Benefit: Ability to learn best practices and implement them throughout the corporate facility footprint regardless of the number and location of buildings.

Technology: Centralized management requires the design and engineering of a specific technological architecture.


  • Integrated circuit with I/O and wireless communications
  • 2 Relays to control independent circuits
  • 2 Infrared emitting units
  • 2 AC sensors
  • 1 Temperature sensor
  • 1 Humidity sensor
  • 1 Luminosity sensor
  • 2 digital ports to accommodate third party sensors for presence, energy consumption, magnetic and others.