More control. Less energy consumption.

Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

EASY to install. SIMPLE to use.

Our mission is to reduce the waste of electric energy.
We believe that smart management of the use of energy is fundamental for companies to achieve better financial results and comply with environmental responsibility.

With our proprietary IOT system, ONEGRID transforms analog equipment – including AC, heaters, projectors, TVs, luminaries, among others – into digitally remote-controlled equipment through a simple and easy to use interface. Water, gas, and practically any service controlled by electric equipment can be also managed.


Substantial savings are achieved when electrical equipment usage is automated, according to workflows or rules established by best practices or facilities managers. The cost of energy, maintenance and CO2 emissions are drastically reduced when using ONEGRID.


ONEGRID is easy to install and does not require any remodeling, construction or retrofit. Savings begin as soon as the switch is turned on. Our system is cloud based, the operation of sensors, processors and actuators are independent from the company data network insuring secure operation.