Each classroom is managed remotely through a single centralized dashboard. Light fixtures, AC, water coolers, etc., operate according to company policies.

“Our investment in a system to control all equipment in our classrooms resulted in a 29% savings on the energy bill”

Multivix University invested in a project where IoT sensors and software were installed to guarantee that equipment and fixtures operated automatically according to rules stipulated by the facility manager through a simple and easy to use control panel.

Initially, the system was installed in 8 classrooms, gradually expanding into all the other classrooms and eventually to all the buildings of the school, which are located in different cities around the state.  “Students were pleased with the innovation and comfort”, said Alessandro Ventorin, Corporate Manager of IT and Communications at Multivix. In addition to comfort to teachers, students and staff, the ONEGRID solution reduced electric energy consumption and consequently reduced environmental impact, practice inherent to the culture of Multivix.