ONEGRID offers a wide array of advantages that impact – to name a few – the energy bill, asset management, and the engagement of teams to adopt environmentally responsible practices.


  • Bottom line – up to 40% reduction of the energy bill.
  • Asset management through an easy to use dashboard.
  • Implementation of company policies regarding facilities usage.
  • Earning points towards LEED certification.
  • Quick installation that does not require remodels or retrofit.


  • Approximately 24-month ROI
  • Maintenance management increase of equipment life span.
  • Guarantees execution of company energy management policies.


  • Facilities management customized to client’s profile.
  • Programmed automated operation of any electrical equipment.
  • Multilevel access permissions
  • Edge computing
  • Integration with other management systems (IBM, CISCO, SAP among others)
  • 6LoWPAN mesh network